Compact self-propelled platform

Vi-Bo Srl completes its customized production range with the MINI LIFT fruit-picking platform. This self-propelled machine is ideal as a fruit-collecting wagon and for pruning ornamental plants in a nursery. This compact and safe machine has been specially designed to meet the needs of operators in the “green” sector, both farmers producing fruit in rows and professional gardeners.

It is suitable for both high and low plants, having an extension of up to 5 meters in operation.

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The MINI LIFT machine is a small self-propelled platform with pneumatic system with a width of 1.50 meters and a working height of 5 meters. It is available with a Koler LDW 702 Diesel engine or with a Zanetti S 1510 Diesel engine; the control for the advancement and positioning of the basket is by means of pedals; on request, a displaceable towing hitch and a third drive wheel are available.



Machines tailored to your work requirements

Specializing in machinery and equipment for agriculture and gardening, we offer customized machines of our own manufacture for sale, such as the MINI LIFT model. Ideal for picking fruit and pruning ornamental trees, apple and hazelnut trees, this machine is versatile, safe and extremely efficient.

This machine, like the others we manufacture, can be customized to suit your processing needs and preferences.

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