Agricultural machines for installing hail nets and rain screens

Fruit splitting caused by heavy rain or hailstorms is undoubtedly the most serious adversity affecting fruit trees. The method that, more than others, can guarantee constant and safe protection is the use of rain and hail protection systems that involve covering with plastic sheeting, thus preventing the fruit from getting wet.

At our premises you will find agricultural machines for the installation of hail nets and rain nets to protect your orchard. Thanks to our VIBO LIFT E self-propelled platform model, you can safely carry out the pruning of olives and fruit trees in general, while also mounting the right weather protection from all atmospheric conditions.

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The VIBO LIFT E is a self-propelled platform with pneumatic system on demand, with a very interesting price/quality ratio. It has a working height of 7 meters, right/left basket displacement of up to 4.5 meters and is very suitable for anti-hail and anti-rain installations, also excellent for kiwi plantations etc. It is equipped with either an air-cooled Zanetti S 1510 diesel engine or a Honda GX390 petrol engine. The control for advancing and positioning the basket is pedal-operated. Various types of compressors are available on request for the installation of a pneumatic system, necessary when using pruning equipment. Our platforms are all CE certified.

Machines for pruning fruit trees

The basket of our self-propelled platforms can be moved at height, avoiding unnecessary maneuvering. These machines are ideal for plant and tree maintenance, fruit picking and the installation of crop protection systems. They are available in different versions and are used for harvesting peaches, pears, apricots, plums, prunes and cherries and much more.

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