Our self-propelled platforms

Our company is involved in the construction of customized self-propelled agricultural platforms. All our machines are the result of know-how acquired over the years and constantly evolving, combined with the latest and best performing methods. The VIBO LIFT ECO is a machine that can be used by agricultural operators producing fruit in high or low dimension vine rows, e.g. apples, pears, peaches, plums, prunes, apricots, kiwis, etc.

Each of our steerable fruit-picking wagons adapts easily to all crops, accommodating the needs and harvesting habits of each user. The models we produce have great versatility and can be used indiscriminately for harvesting, thinning, pruning and hail net operations.

This model of fruit-picking wagon is perfect for any type of work up to 7 operational meters and can move in all directions, positioning itself in the most favorable area for the various operations. Contact us and request a quote!



The VIBO LIFT ECO self-propelled electric platform is almost 2 meters wide and reaches a working height of 7 meters. It has an autonomy of about 45 hours and an integrated battery charger. The control for advancing and positioning the basket is pedal-operated and has quick couplings on the basket for the use of electric pruning tools.

The pedal drive leaves the operator’s hands free to work at all times, thus increasing productivity. Our self-propelled wagons are designed to carry out all necessary operations in orchards, including harvesting, thinning, pruning, mounting hail nets, greenhouse maintenance and other routine tasks.

VIBO LIFT ECO is fully customizable: with this machine, our aim is to meet the needs and requirements of each of our customers, depending on the type of use, the methods implemented in the crops and personal preferences.


Machines that facilitate harvesting work

Vi-Bo Srl builds self-propelled platforms for harvesting fruit and pruning. These are tools designed to facilitate the harvesting of cherries, apples, but not only. Our self-propelled wagons are designed to carry out all the necessary operations up to 7 meters on orchards, including thinning and pruning, as well as fruit picking.

Versatile and fully customizable, the different basic models are complemented by a range of accessories and options to make your machine unique. Our company has been operating in this sector for years and all products are known and appreciated on the market throughout Italy and abroad, thanks to their quality and functionality.

To request further information or receive a quotation, do not hesitate to contact us! You can do so by telephone or through the form provided!