The best aerial platforms for agriculture and industry

Vi-Bo S.r.l. has, within its range of self-propelled and self-levelling platforms, a brand-new model that will change your work on slopes forever: it is the VIBO LIFT MODENA model.

This aerial platform was born from the need to cover any industrial agricultural work that has high slopes and work at height; its characteristics, in fact, make it ideal for meeting the needs of those who work in the green sector, i.e. farmers, professional gardeners and industrial organizations.

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The VIBO LIFT MODENA self-propelled platform has several technical features that make it one of the most suitable models for work on slopes.

Taking a look at its specifications, VIBO LIFT MODENA is a machine with a width of 1.96 meters, a working height of 7 meters and a weight of 1550 kg. It is equipped with a Yanmar engine with a displacement of 1116 and 26×12 00-12 wheels with a very wide cross-section: these enable the platform not to compact the ground.

The machine is equipped with a self-levelling system, i.e. the wheels of the machine are mounted on special articulated legs that compensate for any differences in the terrain so that the frame at the base, and consequently the basket, remains in a nearly horizontal position: in this way, it is possible to work even on steep slopes while maintaining maximum safety.

The VIBO LIFT MODENA machine automatically brakes the moment it is stopped.


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