Platform with self-propelled basket for fruit tree pruning, hail shelter assembly and more

Fruit-picking wagons consist of an elevated platform that is used by moving operators. For these reasons they require special attention in terms of safety. Our company manufactures and sells self-propelled platforms with a basket that comply with all safety regulations.

As these machines are equipped with a carrier platform that can be elevated so that every part of the plant can be easily reached, they must be manufactured using safe and durable methods and materials. They are perfect for harvesting cherries, apples, olives and much more. That is precisely why we carry out numerous tests and checks before offering our machines for sale. The end result is durable, reliable machines that enable quality work.

For the sale of wagons for fruit-picking or for the pruning of olive and poplar groves, do not hesitate to contact us!



The VIBO LIFT machine reaches a working height of 7 meters and a width of almost 2 meters. It is a self-propelled platform with a highly maneuverable pneumatic system, a Koler LDW 702 diesel engine (basket noise level 63 decibels), a free front wheel (ZERO RADIUS) and a joystick for forward movement.

One of the most frequent uses of this aerial platform is pruning and fruit picking on potted trees, and it is the ideal solution for green maintenance for several reasons. First, it allows you to move easily between plants, doing a more precise and complete job in terms of the health and longevity of stems and branches, without leaning on them or damaging them.

Secondly, with our machines you can also work in particularly delicate contexts, such as unstable ground with holes, stones, etc.


The right machine for your green care

The VIBO LIFT self-propelled machine can work up to a height of 7 meters, has a width of 1.96 meters and a weight of 1130 kg. This allows it not to compact the soil and, in addition, it manages to have a DX – SX arm displacement of up to 36°.

This machine becomes very useful and extremely productive in the picking and pruning of cherries, in the pruning of olive trees, poplar trees, in the laying of hail and rain nets, in the maintenance of parks and nurseries, and in all industrial work where there is a need to work up to 7 meters.

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